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Cluster Council for BedSheet & Upholstery Multan

A Project of Cluster Council for Bedsheet & Upholstery was established in 2006, dedicated in providing textile testing services and curricula activities to local industry’s manpower training and solution to the city surrounding areas. CCBU commits herself to experiment till technology transfer and rebuild the traditional looms with new-high technology with same price. So as to make local industry work more easy and colorful export.

Since its foundation, CCBU started from latest imported textile machinery and produce from yarn warping, sizing process, designing, weaving to valuable production during the training of local industry manpower and the student of textile college.

Now the CCBU expanded the product lines into five major laboratories and more than further kind of products.

  • Computerized Sectional Warping Machine Lab
  • Yarn Sizing Process Lab
  • CAD/CAM Textile Designing Lab
  • Weaving Lab
  • Color Measurement Lab

Among these fiver main labs, we have expanded into their accessories including Computerized Card Punching Machine, Dobby Punching Machine (Manual), Boiler steam process, Sarning process, these equipment major purposes is to comprehension work, higher grade services with better quality for manufacturers and exporters.

According to project objectives, Technical training has been providing through conducting workshops and short certificate courses to the local textile industry’s manpower. Training is used to providing seminar, one month certificate courses on Weaving, Warping, and designing to the local textile industries manpower and individuals during the period, more than 500 students from textile college got practical periodically on textile machinery during their diploma and BSc. Textile engineering courses.

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